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Dry Ice for food production and storage when you need dry ice that’s safe to use in your applications.

  • Dailey Resources dry ice consistently produces a food-grade product that meets or exceeds the provisions of FDA requirements.
  • We use food-grade liquid carbon dioxide to produce all of our dry ice products
  • Our products meet and/or exceed the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) standard specifications for dry ice


Bring Your Own Dry Ice Tote or Rent Our Dry Ice Containers

We produce dry ice in ¼” to ½” pellets and 1-pound blocks. You can bring your own container for us to fill or rent our clean, food-grade dry ice containers for transport.




Dry Ice Safe for Food & Beverage


We Make Our Own Dry Ice

Our dry ice has the quality and traceability your food production process requires

You can’t afford your product to come in contact with anything that could contaminate it. Our dry ice is manufactured at our Dunmore store and is safe to use in all food production, processing, and transportation applications.

Dry Ice Blocks and Pellets Delivery

Dry Ice Delivery Available

Get the reliable, quality dry ice your business needs

Keep your business moving forward with a reliable supply of commercial dry ice delivery.

Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry or a hospital that requires dry ice for storage, Dailey Resources Dry Ice makes it easy to purchase, pickup, or get delivered.


What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) – frozen carbon dioxide. It is extremely cold (-109°F) and completely dry.  It's called “dry ice” because it doesn't melt into a wet liquid. Dry ice sublimates, going from its solid form directly to its gaseous form (carbon dioxide), bypassing the liquid state.

How Is Dry Ice Made?

Dry ice is made from carbon dioxide gas. It’s made by compressing carbon dioxide gas until it liquefies to form liquid CO2. When the pressure is released, some of the liquid will transition into a gas, cooling some of the liquid into dry ice frost or snow, which can be collected and pressed into pellets or blocks.



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